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what we believe

We want to see lives transformed through an encounter with Jesus Christ. 


Relationships matter. From the moment we are born, our encounter with our family and friends are formative. Faith develops out of our encounter with Jesus Christ. the more we encounter and experience who He is and how much He loves us, the more we begin to trust and follow Him and experience His power and presence in our lives. The focal point of our community is to provide environments that initiate or prepare us better for divine encounters.


Relationships cannot develop without engagement. When we encounter God, that is His invitation for us to engage our lives with Him. We engage by being in God’s Word so we can respond to His invitation to listen to Him, follow Him, and trust His plans. We desire to be a community that encourages one another to continue to engage in deepening our relationship with God.


None of us are called by God because we are qualified. God’s qualifies His call by equipping us as we follow Him for His purposes. Our desire is to be a community that values God’s equipping through His Spirit, spiritual disciplines, life experiences and using our particular gifts to sharpen each other.

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